If you follow this blog then you realize that I’ve been horrible at updating recently. And that’s because I’ve become busy with other projects and, more importantly, my priorities have changed. While my life used to revolve around food, I’ve been changing that relationship. Recent events have made me reevaluate my love and obsession with food.


While I won’t be giving up new and interesting tastes anytime soon, I am slowing down my eating. Slowing down eating out, slowing down eating rich foods, slowing down on overeating, slowing down on thinking about food. It’s funny how a big purchase and a relative’s health can affect what you thought was an undying love for a certain part of your life. But that’s how it goes.

I could transform this into a health/frugal food blog or something, but I’m just not feeling it. When I was really into food, I was into the whole spectrum from tofu to a thick steak to weird flavored cookies. And the culture around it all. Though, admittedly, I leaned towards junk food and weird food stuff on this blog. But my interest in food overall has declined.


So this will be the last post and this blog will fade into digital dust as most other blogs do.A nd it’s sad and hard but just how it is.

Thanks for reading and maybe you’ll come across one of my other projects in the future.

Happy eating!


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jamie-oliver-cryingWell, I’ve been a bad blogger. I bunch stuff happened over that pushed Insignificant YUM! to the side. Roommate moving in, Boudler flooding, new projects. All that added up to an ignored food blog. One of the many that is out there.

This has got me thinking if I should change from my 5 days a week schedule that I had to something less. Or move the blog over to my personal Tumblr. Or both. Unfortunately there’s just not enough time in the day for all the projects I want to work on. I’m going to think about it a few days and get back to you on this. If I still have any readers to get back to.


I’m Your Pizza Man!

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Thanks io9 comments section for this weird yet wonderful clip from House IV.


House IV is a 1992 direct-to-video comedy horror film. It was directed by Lewis Abernathy, produced by Sean S. Cunninghamand Debbie Hayn-Cass and written by Geoff Miller and Deidre Higgins. It is the third and final entry in the House series. The film sees the return of Roger Cobb from the original House, but the film otherwise does not connect its storyline to the first film.

This Bag is Made for Me

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I’ve got what you call man hands. Big ol’ bear paws that look like hair hams when closed tight into a wall destroying fist. So of course, it’s beyond difficult for me to enjoy a bag of delicate potato chips in their current rinky-dink bags. Luckily for me, someone has decided to make bags that will accommodate my Andre the Giants so I no longer look like an ape searching for termites in someone’s nostril.

Oh, but curses of curses, it looks like these man bags will only be available in the UK. Which means I’ll have to keep dumping my chips out onto a plate or bowl like some kind of barbarian. Oh the humility.


This Takes the Cake

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These are edible. They’re chocolate. Probably pretty great if you can get passed the cold and dead look of them. They were made for an annual Halloween food event with a baking collective called Miss Cakehead.

Laughing Squid

This year’s event is titled “Feed The Beast” and will feature gory treats like these macabre hand-painted life-sized chocolate hands and feet flavored with Kraken Rum (the event’s sponsor) by the food artists at All Mine Patisserie. She says, “We’re pretty confident in laying down the gauntlet and saying that these will be the best liqueur chocolates you will ever see, plus of course being made with a dark spiced rum means they taste amazing.”

I will eat just about anything or at least try it. But I can’t get over the look of these things. Ecch.



via io9


Find me a person who does not love cheesecake and I will show you a person who does not love life.


Modern commercial American cream cheese was developed in 1872, when William Lawrence, from Chester, New York, while looking for a way to recreate the soft, French cheese Neufchâtel, accidentally came up with a way of making an “unripened cheese” that is heavier and creamier; other dairymen came up with similar creations independently.[8] In 1912, James Kraft developed a form of pasteurized cream cheese. Kraft acquired the Philadelphia trademark in 1928, and marketed pasteurized Philadelphia Cream Cheese which is now the most commonly used cheese for cheesecake.[9]

In case of emergency: Rainbow Cheesecake Recipe

Waffles Falling Over

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Sometimes life is hard.

Video via Reddit


In case you were wondering, searching “muppets food” on Youtube brings up singing food. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Muppet Wiki

The Singing Food debuted in The Muppet Show Episode 208. This collection of anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables included a tomato, potatoes, a cabbage, a cauliflower, an asparagus, a canteloupe, a few bunches of grapes, and a pack of beans, and served as a chorus under the direction of Marvin Suggs.

It’s too perfect. Singing food singing about food.

No banana!? Even the Swedish Chef was looking for that darn banana.

I think I found where that missing banana went…


At first I thought that this was a straight up rip off of a wildly successful Saturday Night Live segment called Mr. Bill. And I was right, but it was being ripped off by the guy who created Mr. Bill. So maybe repackaging is a better term?

Either way it’s still funny, and I’m kinda surprised that it’s not been ripped off for the Youtube generation.


In the 1990s, Williams created a series of Mr. Bill-like advertising spots for Pizza Hut, featuring “Pizza Head” in the usual Mr. Bill role and a pizza cutter named “Steve” in the Sluggo role.

Original Mr. Bill:


I never really got coffee. I mean, I understand that some people want to be wide awake for most of the day. But I was never really into that when I was younger. Sleepy eyes was the thing for me. Who needs alertness? Not this guy. Also, the bitterness. Oh god, the bitterness.


But now that I’ve been reading up on all the benefits that coffee gives you outside of that annoying awareness. Of course, being older now and with a job and multiple projects being juggled, I can now see the benefits of not napping your life away.


Here’s hoping I can keep the keep the floodgates in check, but I have to admit. I few days without coffee after drinking it consistently sure can mess you up.


So with that said, I’ve rounded up some of the weirder coffee I’ve come across as I’ve searched for that perfect cup.

1) Cat Poop Coffee (Kopi Luwak) – This one makes the the internet rounds every year or so. Coffee beans are collected after they’ve passed through the digestive track of a Asian palm civet. Proponents of the coffee believe it’s the bomb in two main ways: Selection – the cat-like creature picks only the best coffee berries to eat (best in who’s eyes I ask) and Digestion – the process of eating, digesting, and pooping out the coffee beans shorten peptides and creates more free amino acids which apparently does something great to the taste. Though I think this is sold more through story than actually tasting better.


2) Bulletproof Coffee – The creator of this coffee claims that it will boost your brain power and your energy levels. And it contains 2/3 of a stick of butter. Unsalted butter. Oh no, nothing as disgusting as salted butter in your coffee, don’t worry. The creator discovered the possibilities of this cup of joe while climbing 18,000 feet in elevation near Mt. Kailash in Tibet. Exhausted, someone handed him a cup of yak butter tea and I assume he nearly burst out of his clothes Popeye style. And so another westerner came back to America with the fabled healing powers of Eastern traditions. And butter.


3) Egg Coffee* – Egg coffee seems to come from Scandinavian immigrants settling in the U.S. So tradition gets the big ol’ blame on this one. The egg isn’t dropped into hot coffee like you first imagine upon hearing the name. That’s because it would just be a poached egg in coffee. And that sounds not so great. Rather, the egg is mixed with the coffee grounds then the coffee is made. The extra protein seems to make for a clearer cup of coffee though I don’t know why you would need clearer coffee. Also, no idea what it does to the taste.


4) Boss Coffee – Okay, so this one isn’t as weird. It’s just canned coffee from Japan. But canned coffee seems to be a sacrilege here in the states. Especially from regular coffee drinkers which tends to be everyone. But, for me, canned coffee has been the only coffee I can stand the taste of. Yes, it’s watered down and overly sweet, but those are the things I like about it. And I will grab one every once in a while. I chose Boss for this list item just because I like the name, the logo is cool, and Tommy Lee Jones is a spokesman for them.


*Hat-tip to Alex for getting the idea rolling with the egg coffee link she sent me.